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Clawson quicker and a good picker

By Tim Chambers

Cameron Clawson has the talent to make some beautiful sounds come out of a guitar. He also has the talent to make some beautiful things happen on the football field.
Clawson is the starting defensive end for the Longhorns who’ll take on Sullivan East on Friday. The senior standout is excited about the upcoming season and is ready to write a new chapter into Johnson County football history.
“I’m pretty pumped because we’ve got some pretty good athletes on this team,” said Clawson. “We have a lot of returning seniors and all of us care about one another. We’re willing to sacrifice and do whatever it takes to have a successful football season. This is my last year and I want it to be one that people up here will remember.”

Clawson likes the schedule and the new conference alignment but added it’s much more than that.
“It’s going to be fun getting to play against our rival teams like Hampton, Happy Valley and Cloudland. Those were the teams we grew up playing against in middle school and youth league. We know a lot of their players and that always makes it fun. Not only do we have those games, but we’re playing in a new league which is very exciting. You couldn’t ask for anything better.”
Much of the preseason talk has been aimed at the offense, but Clawson thinks the defense can generate some hype.
“We’ve got some really fast linebackers and good speed across the field. We’re undersized so we have to make up for that with extra effort. We are used to playing against bigger teams so we have to focus a lot on footwork and technique.  Our job is to shut down teams and give our offense good field position. We’ve improved since last year because of all the hard work we’ve done in the weight room. I feel like that everybody has gotten a lot stronger.”
Clawson gave the right answer when asked if they had a target game on the schedule.
“We try and go week to week and focus on the opponent that we play next,” said Clawson. “This week our focus is on Sullivan East. They’ve beaten us pretty good the past two years so we want to knock them off. We all want to go undefeated, but you have to play them one game at a time. We will not be overlooking anyone.”

Clawson also has a gift for music when not on the football field. He, along with teammate Will Kerley, help form the band Broken Road. Classmate Kyman Matherly and his brother Andrew complete the band.
“Music is my getaway from everything including football. I don’t think of anything when we’re up there playing and singing.”
Clawson praised his coaches for all their hard work and dedication.
“I’ve known Coach Don and Tom Kerley for years because of me and Will being friends.  Coach Randy Smith and Coach Matt Bray do a great job with the defense and so does Coach Billy Heck. We’ve got a good staff that works hard and knows their stuff. We couldn’t play for any better men.”
Clawson gave a simple answer when I ask how he would like to be remembered.
“I hope they will see me as someone who gave it their all. Hard work always pays off. We’re banking on that this season.”