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Cheerleading is a family affair for the Anderson sisters

Jessie Mae, Kaylee, and Ashlee Anderson share a passion for cheering as members of the Johnson County High School Cheer squad. Photo by Joey Icenhour

By Beth Cox
Sports Writer

There is a quote by Amy Li that explains the best part of a sister, “Having a sister is like having a best friend you can’t get rid of. You know whatever you do, they’ll still be there.”
Ashlee, Kaylee, and Jessie Mae Anderson live this quote daily. Ashlee and Kaylee are twins, but Jessie Mae is just a year behind them, so needless to say, they are very close. The trio is a member of the Johnson County High School’s cheerleading team. Ashlee and Kaylee are seniors this year, and Jessie Mae is a junior.
The girls are close but also very different. They all cheer together, but Ashlee and Kaylee also play tennis, where Jessie Mae is dances competitively on a team here in Mountain City. Kaylee is also in the high school’s marching band. They all do want to be in the medical field in some capacity, just like their mother. They all have great dreams and wonderful ambitions.
However, the best part is how they support each other, especially when it comes to cheerleading.
The Anderson sisters have cheered throughout high school. They love cheering together. They feel they are better cheerleaders because they are family. Kaylee explains, “sometimes we leave here and maybe frustrated about something. By being family, we can just go home and talk it out or even work together on a stunt or whatever.” Jessie Mae follows up, “I think having my sisters with me gives me better leadership qualities. I know
they have my back which gives me more confidence in myself.”
Ashlee enjoys just being able to share everything with her sisters, “we are in constant communication with each other, they are my best friends, I trust them more than anyone even on the bad days.”
Coach Michelle Walters sees how close the girls are and how they push each other to be better, “These three girls are awesome. They are very different and bring different talents to the team, but each offers something we need and couldn’t do without.”
This year Ashlee and Kaylee will graduate. Jessie Mae doesn’t even want to talk about that. She gets pretty emotional knowing next year they won’t be with her, “I keep telling myself they left me in middle school, I can do it again, but the closer it gets here, the harder it becomes, they are my ‘go-to people.”