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Brandon Thompson named as a Racing 2 Cure team member

Racing 2 Cure (R2C) a 501c3 non-profit announced today that it has named Brandon Thompson to its elite driver program. Racing 2 Cure’s founders are very excited to have Thompson as a member. Thompson will help promote and carry the mission of R2C throughout the racing season and will help other racers sign up for and support the Race-A-Thon online program. Thompson's efforts will help R2C make grants to families that are currently fighting cancer.
“We are very pleased to have Thompson come aboard Racing 2 Cure as a team member,” said Alycia Stewart, co-founder and president of the non-profit organization which supports families in need while undergoing the hardships of cancer treatments. “When we developed this program we set a criteria that our drivers would need to have traits of determination, positive attitudes, professionalism and passion. Thompson had all those characteristics and more.”
In addition to a winning attitude off the track, Thompson is also making great accomplishments on the race track. He was trained in the year 2000 at Frank Hawley’s drag racing school by some of the best in the business including Fast Jack Beckman, a well known funny car driver in the NHRA. Thompson has been featured in Drag Review Magazine and interviewed for ESPN 2. He has had several final round appearances and won many of those races. In 2010 he won a track championship in the Elk Creek Outlaw Class at Elk Creek Dragway in Virginia. He also won an IHRA Iron Man Trophy at Dunn-Benson Dragway at a Pro AM Race in 2010. Brandon’s dad is retired from the Army National Guard and he decided to follow in his dad’s footsteps. In 2011 he proudly went to basic training for the Army National Guard and only got to race at the end of the season. He returned in September with the hopes of just getting to race a few races. With such little seat time he didn’t really expect to do much. In October 2011, he managed to pull out a semi final finish at the Halloween 5 Second Shootout race at Farmington Dragway in NC.
This year Thompson is running a full slate of races, which include:
The Spring Fling at Bristol Dragway – May 17-20 – This is one of the biggest bracket races with large payouts. We entered a raffle for $25 and won entry into this race. The regular driver and car entry is $650. We have always wanted to go but never have because of the high entry fees. We were blessed to win this!
Below is a list of the IHRA Pro Am Tour Races:
June 1-2 Mooresville Dragway
June 22-24 Dunn-Benson Dragway
July 26-28 Coastal Plains Dragway
August 10-12 Farmington Dragway
We will add races as the year goes on and as funds will allow. We are currently looking for sponsors.
“I am really excited to be a team member for Racing 2 Cure! I look forward to being able to help families who have to deal with this terrible disease,” said Thompson. “I love drag racing and I am glad that I can use what I love to help others.
“I would also like to thank the people and companies that support my racing and now are able to help me support Racing 2 Cure's mission of helping families fighting cancer. A special thank you goes out to S & G Auto Machine, Zalco Products and my crew at Mountain City Motorsports.”
Racing 2 Cure officially launched the first-ever Race-A-Thon via their website The program aims to raise funds for families fighting cancer and cancer research, while at the same time driving exposure and funding for the thousands of racers and racing related companies across America. The program enables the estimated one-million grass roots racers a free, fully automated online cause marketing campaign. Drivers can sign up and create their personal drivers profile page, posting their reason for Racing2Cure and even list their sponsor support. Once their page is up, the racer can set off to collect donations having a portion return to their race fund.
To visit Brandon’s page:
For more information on Racing 2 Cure visit:
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