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Atwood to guide golf teams

By: Tim Chambers
Tomahawk Sports Editor
[email protected]

Johnson County’s golf team enjoyed several years of success under head coach Steve Arnold’s guidance up to his recent retirement. Their new head coach is hoping for the same type of success with some good players returning.
Austin Atwood agreed to become head golf coach last week for the upcoming 2015 fall season after talking to Dr. Steven Long at the central office.
“I’ve always been interested in golf, but I was coaching football with Mike (Atwood) at the times they played,” said Atwood. “I opened up a couple of stores with Jeff Pardue knowing that would take some more of my time too. But I wanted these kids to have someone who would work them and take them some places to play. Some others had turned it down so I decided to do it. I’m looking forward to getting them started.”
Golf is played before the start of basketball season which works in Atwood’s favor. He added that it wouldn’t conflict with his busy schedule.
“I am going to try and work with the golf course to have the best for them,” said Atwood. “We might go on a road trip and play in a tournament or two beside the matches they normally play in. It might be that I take them over to Asheville or possibly the beach to play. We’ve got some good returning golfers, especially Isaiah Penley and Brandon Vannoy. We want to play against good competition. I’m looking forward to coaching them all.”
Atwood plans to meet with the team and parents soon to make plans for the upcoming season.
“Steve did a wonderful job coaching and organizing and I’m hoping to do the same,” said Atwood. “I’m sure there are things we will need. We’ll get started soon and be ready when fall comes.”