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Arnold still among the elite QB’s

Former JCHS Quarterback Nathan Arnold playing for the University of the Cumberlands in Williamsburg, KY.  Submitted photo

By Tim Chambers
Sports Editor

Nathan Arnold is a winner. That is why he’ll go down as the best quarterbacks to ever wear a Longhorn uniform no disrespect to any of the other greats. There is one thing that sets Arnold apart from the rest. He is a winner and has proven it. Arnold threw for 2,112 yards his senior year and 22 touchdowns all school records while leading his team to a 10-0 regular-season record and a first-round playoff win.

Arnold is still playing at a championship level at the University of the Cumberland in Williamsburg, Kentucky, where his team lost only one regular-season game this past year with Nathan as the second-string quarterback for most of the season. He is currently busy trying to get himself in tip-top shape for the upcoming season.Arnold had this to say over the weekend.

“Our strength and conditioning coach gave us a workout manual, and it has a workout schedule for all five days of the week to do, so I’ve been busy with that,” said Arnold.” “We do arms one day, legs one day and run the next. You have to be very disciplined and do them because it will show if you don’t when fall practice starts back up.”

Arnold is adjusting to the COVID-19 status. It has already caused a change in their schedule. 

“It won’t affect us that much, but we have mixed our schedule up to where we will play nine games instead of normally an 11 game schedule. All of them will be a Divisional game, and there will be only nine games. We will play one team twice to make it a nine-game schedule. That also pushed our fall practice start date back to August 15. I’m looking forward to getting back and preparing for the upcoming season.”

Arnold’s team was within a few minutes of going undefeated last year, losing on the game’s final drive.

“We lost on the final drive won our first-round playoff game and lost our second round one,” said Arnold.

“I was second string until the divisional games, and then another senior moved up. I guess they wanted more experience at the position a senior instead of a red-shirt freshman.”

Playing quarterback at the college level is different than in high school, according to Arnold.

“It’s a lot more complicated and different than your high school playbook, added Arnold. “It’s very detailed and complicated, but I have good coaches that really stick it to you, and we meet daily. They have helped me learn and know what to do.”

Arnold added about the college defenses.

“For each play, there are almost four paragraphs as to where the play might be. High school football helped me throwing wise, but the speed and size of the game can’t be duplicated. In high school, the playbook is simple, but in college, you have to learn all the different defenses.”

Arnold’s frame is quite different than when he left Mountain City three years ago.  

“They’ve put me on a struck meal plan,” added Arnold. “I was 180 at the end of my senior year, and now I am 210 pounds. You don’t just add weight; it’s all bulk.”

Arnold loves having former Hampton players Adam McClain and Jerry Lunceford on his Kentucky team. “I hang out with those guys a lot,” said Arnold.” “There is a lot of trash talking. They beat us bad their senior year, but they don’t want to hear what happened in my senior season. It’s great to have them there because they’ve been there longer and know the ends and out.”

Arnold went on to say, “Most people get to enjoy college a little more than I do. It’s class, football, class, and football with not a lot of free time during the season.”

Arnold had this advice for any young quarterback wanting to play at the college level.

“Work your butt off in the summertime if you want to play while you are young,” added Arnold. “I went to football camps, basketball camps, prospect camps, and my summers were busy. I didn’t have a lot of lying around the pool time. You have to work for it.”