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A&E (Arnold and Eller) will be fun to watch

Zack Eller and Troy Arnold make up the A&E combination

By Tim Chambers

The A&E network is a fun channel to watch because of its biographies and documentaries. Longhorn fans will love watching Johnson County’s A&E network starring Troy Arnold and Zack Eller on the gridiron.
Each is hoping to write their biography in 2017 on both sides of the football. The A&E’s ability to play different positions should be a plus in earning them some valuable playing time.

“I’m hoping to start at cornerback and on special teams,” said Eller. “They’ve had me at wide receiver during the passing league games and l like it there. I’ve been a role player up until this year so any time earned would be a plus. I want to be out on the field and help our team win games. That’s probably everyone’s goal.”

The same can be said for Arnold who moves from the backup quarterback slot to starting at fullback. He could get a boatload of playing time as well.
“I loved it when they moved me to fullback,” said Arnold. “I like the move because there are so many options. I love to hit, block and catch the football and playing quarterback has helped me understand what the fullback’s duties are. I think it’s a much better fit for me.”
So does the entire coaching staff.
Arnold caught a touchdown pass against Happy Valley in the passing league on Friday. He embraces the thought of logging a lot of minutes in his junior campaign.
“I played some as a sophomore but now I want to be a leader to our younger guys,” said Arnold. “I’ll give it my all wherever they put me. I want to help us win the conference and do whatever the coaches ask of me. We’ve got a lot of good senior football players this year. We juniors want to make it a special season for them.”
The Arnold and Eller combination should be a big hit. Arnold delivered some punishing blows late in the 2015 campaign on defense. Eller averaged nearly 30 yards on kickoff returns.

“There is nothing like delivering a good hit during the game,” said Arnold. “I pride myself on that. You get those opportunities at fullback and linebacker. I want to hit people hard but I want them to be clean, I want them to be the type of hits that create big plays.”
Eller hopes to hit them with his speed.
“I love special teams because you get an opportunity to do something big as a returner,” added Eller. “It’s great when you see a gap open up because it’s an opportunity to score quickly. You also get that chance as a receiver with Nathan Arnold at quarterback. You know his passes are going to be on the money. All we have to do is get open.”
Both agreed the expectations are high for 2017.

“Our goal is to go 10-0 and win some games in the playoffs,” said Eller. Arnold added. “We definitely want to win the conference and make the playoffs. I believe we’ve got a chance to do that. But we’ll have to play well in every game.”
The A&E channel is something that Longhorn fans will want to see in 2017. The “History” channel could be their next stop if the team reaches Eller’s goal.