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“O-line” Outstanding in win

By Tim Chambers
The “Big Uglies” got “down and dirty” on Friday night at West Greene and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Johnson County’s offensive line had its breakout game and played a huge role in their must-needed win.
The Longhorns rushed the ball 59 times for 303 yards on a night when the passing game was obsolete because of heavy rains.
You won’t find the names of Jake Bower, Alec Tester, Rico Ortega, Evan Martin, Cody Neely or Shane Greer among the stat leaders. They are the blue collar guys who do the dirty work up front on the offensive line. And they did it to perfection on the “Buffalo Range.”
“We prepared for a tough game all week so we were ready for anything,” said Ortega. “We got happy when they decided to play and gave it all we had. The ground wasn’t real slippery. We executed the way we were supposed to. We never thought about the rain.”
It didn’t take a rocket scientist to determine that the wet stuff was there to stay. Alec Tester said the game plan was simple.
“We knew it was raining so pounding the ball up the middle seemed to be our best option,” said Tester. “Samuel Icehour had one heck of game so we tried to give him some space to run through. All our backs ran hard. We wanted to control the football.”
The game didn’t start until 9:10 so there was plenty of time to think about the game. For Cody Neely it was all about getting back out on the field.
“We were itching to get back out there and play some football,” said Neely. “We had already went through our warm-ups so we were focused. We didn’t let anything take away from what we came down here to do. We left with a big win and that’s all that mattered.”
What mattered was the time of possession enjoyed by the ‘Horns. Johnson County had the football for over 19 minutes during the second half.
For the rest of the story, pick up a copy of this week's Tomahawk.