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County Clerk’s Office: Adjusting to new and future changes

Johnson County Clerk Tammie Fenner joined by her team including Mary Jordan, Christie Atwood, and Renee Proffitt,
last week. (Not pictured: Irene Grayson). Fenner is looking forward to adjusting to many changes in the office now and upcoming
changes in the future. Photo by Megan Hollaway

By Megan Hollaway

Johnson County’s courthouse and its elected officials are continually striving to ensure that the people of Johnson County have the best possible service and quality of living in the entire state of Tennessee.
Such is the case in the office of the County Clerk, Tammie Fenner that have been experiencing several changes to the goings on, including the ability to place temporary tags on the outside of the vehicle in the tag position.
The changes are possible by the weather and waterproof material now available at the County Clerk’s office.
Another new update pertains to those with CDL Licenses. Previously, to duplicate an old license or perform a change of address, a CDL carrier had to drive out of the county to Elizabethton.
Now, these tasks can be implemented in Johnson County at the courthouse, saving residents of the county time, money, and hassle.
“I am always fighting to bring new and requested services to the people of Mountain City and Johnson County,” Fenner said. “These little conveniences are what my position is all about.”
Since Fenner had taken office twelve years ago, there have been many of these little conveniences imposed throughout her office. Customers can use their credit and debit card to pay in office, instead of the previous reliance on cash.
Duplicate titles can be printed in office, allowing them to be ready in three to four days compared to the previous three to four weeks.
Money leans now done on the spot instead of requiring several days of waiting, while the decals on the tags have been reduced from two stickers to only one, identifying that the car belongs to a resident of Johnson County.
As she looks forward to the future of Johnson County and its residents, Fenner says that all the changes have been to support the community, and also comments on the support the community has given her as well.
“This community has continued to put me in my office, and I am thankful for their current, continued and future support.”