Local ATV enthusiast bring needed supplies to flood ravaged Hurley, VA.. Submitted photo.


Twenty-three ATV enthusiasts, known as the Right Riders, left early one morning from Mountain City, TN to Grundy, VA. Before leaving, one couple found out about the massive flooding in Hurley, VA, just 20 miles from Grundy. The ATV trip immediately turned into a humanitarian trip.

Each couple bought and delivered much-needed supplies, food, water, money, and clothes to the hotel in Grundy. Volunteers from Hurley came by every day to collect donations. One elderly lady was staying at the same hotel, and she shared her horrifying story of being in her mobile home when the land gave way, and the entire mountain slid 400 feet, all while holding her little dog between her legs.

Later the Right Riders got back to riding the trails. The group has grown from 6-8 folks to more than 25. Next year they plan to return to St Paul, VA, and the Western Front Hotel. If anyone is interested in joining the Right Riders, please call Nancy Bryant at (423) 297-5054.