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“I love Mountain City,” said Torie Poteet, Sales Representative of WoodmenLife Insurance Company, as she talked about supporting businesses and agencies across Johnson County. One way Poteet shows her affection towards the town she grew up in is by promoting patriotism. Poteet shows her American pride by coordinating the placement of the American flag around Johnson County.

Poteet’s employer, WoodmenLife Insurance Company, has presented 3.5 million flags to nonprofit organizations and schools. “I learned of this program through my work, and I am so happy I work for a company that allows me to give back to my community,” said Poteet, “so far, I have donated three flags to Johnson County High School and Mountain City Elementary School.”

While discussing the flags at local schools, Poteet noted, “that is money the school can use towards something else.”

In addition to supporting local schools, other flags are flying across Johnson County thanks to Poteet’s efforts. “We are a very patriotic company, and seeing these flags makes our county look good.”

One local recipient of a flag agrees with Poteet. “I think it’s a great thing they are doing to show continuing patriotism of our flag,” said Sheriff Eddie Tester while discussing the flag the Sheriff’s Department received.

Although the flags are a welcome addition for nonprofit organizations, Poteet’s efforts to give back are not limited to the placement of flags. “There is also a program through Woodman Life that gave me an opportunity to help the community center. Once a year, Woodmen allows five hundred dollars towards a project, and I called Miss Flo. We were able to paint a wall, as well as donate a shelf and lots of pickleball paddles and balls for the kids to use.”

In addition to smaller flags, Poteet wants people to know that each WoodmenLife regional office has a larger 30x60-foot flag available to borrow. “You can use this flag at sporting events, patriotic celebrations, memorials for Veterans, and more,” said Poteet. She discussed how the flag was honored using this larger one at a recent girls’ basketball game. “Once the students got the flag open, covering almost the whole basketball court, they played the National Anthem. The students were able to wave the flag some to make it ripple. It was very beautiful, “said Poteet. For those who were not able to attend the game, Poteet offers, “There is a video on my business Facebook page you can watch.”

“WoodmenLife is proud to celebrate American Pride with you,” said Poteet, “we feel the same swell of patriotism when the flag flies.”

That sense of patriotism keeps Poteet motivated to get more flags flying across Johnson County, and she is working towards bringing more than patriotism to Mountain City. “I am hoping to open an office on Main Street in the summer, she said.”

It is safe to say that when Poteet realizes her dream of establishing her business downtown, there will be an American flag flying there too. 


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