Audra Gerty

Mountain City recorder Audra Gerty is sworn in by City Attorney George Wright

After a lengthy void in the form of a permanent position, Mountain City Council has finally filled the vacancy of City Recorder.

The council was delighted to welcome Audra Gerty, who was sworn into office during the council's regularly scheduled meeting this month.

“I am very excited and honored to be the City Recorder for the Town of Mountain City,” said Gerty. “The work is very interesting, and it is a real pleasure to work with Mayor Jerry Jordan, the Aldermen, and the wonderful staff members here in the office.”

Many council members expressed how much they are looking forward to having Gerty as part of the team.

“I am looking forward to working with Audra,” said Alderman Lawrence Keeble during the meeting, “I was privileged to sit in on her interviews. She brings a lot of experience to this job.”

After receiving degrees at Cornell University and Marist College, Gerty was employed at a Chamber of Commerce in New York. While discussing her experience in the field of finance, Gerty expressed how much she is looking forward to bringing her years of expertise to Johnson County.

“My career has included over twenty years working as the Chief Financial Officer of a large regional Chamber of Commerce in New York State,” said Gerty. “Most recently, I worked in the Finance Department of Carter County. I hope that my experience and skills will be an asset to the Town and that we can continue modernizing some of our systems and procedures. I am looking forward to getting to know all the employees of the Town and getting involved with the community and events.”

After moving to the Butler area a few years ago, Gerty and her husband received the warm welcome that Mountain City and Johnson County are known for.

“We moved to Northeast TN hoping to find a better quality of life, and it has been an amazing and very blessed change because of the friends and neighbors we have met,” said Gerty. “I love the rural nature of Johnson County and how beautiful it is here, and I really appreciate how nice everyone is. It is a very welcoming and friendly community. I feel very lucky to have found a wonderful place to live, and a job allows me to serve the community.”

The position of City Recorder has been vacant for some time, and council members have worked very hard to keep the government going in the interim. Many on the council expressed appreciation for all the hard work of Mayor Jerry Jordan, keeping the city running efficiently during the absence of a city recorder.

“I want the people of the town to know how much Mayor Jordan has sacrificed filling in as interim city recorder,” said Alderman Keeble.

“Thank you personally for the job you’ve done for the town of Mountain City for months,” said Alderman Jerry Horne, “everyone received their paychecks, and the bills were paid. You did a great job.”


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