Eric Garland

Eric Garland

Former Johnson County mayoral candidate Eric Garland was arrested last week following what local law enforcement officers called a domestic disturbance.

According to court records, Johnson County Sheriff K9 deputy Cody Ingle and Deputy Robert Norris responded to a domestic disturbance call on Old Stage Road between Sonya Leonard and Eric Garland.

Deputies stated that “due to conflicting reports and explanations between the couple, as well as evidence provided by Leonard and Garland, the deputies concluded that “both subjects had physically assaulted each other as well as threatened one another.”

Patricia Morefield with the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office said that no weapons were involved, and no injuries were reported.

Garland was held at the Johnson County jail for 12 hours before posting bail. Bond was set at $7,500.

Garland’s arraignment court date is Wednesday, November 2, at 9 a.m. at the Johnson County Courthouse.