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Youngest VP in Heritage Hall history

By Meg Dickens

Chase McGlamery is a Johnson County native that works tirelessly to improve his community. He is a fulltime student at Milligan College that still finds time to give back to the community. This January, McGlamery was named vice president of Heritage Hall Theatre, where he has volunteered since he was around seven years old.
McGlamery says that the key to success and teamwork is communication. Everyone has a different set of skills. He says it is important to “know what you don’t know.” In other words, understand that you cannot understand everything, and it is alright to defer to someone who does know.
McGlamery is only 19 years old, but age does not dictate skill or experience. His volunteer work is recognized nationally. He received the Governor’s Volunteer Stars Award in 2018 and received the Presidential Volunteer Service Award in 2019.
“When people see us (young adults), they see us still as young kids that may not have the knowledge that we do,” said McGlamery when asked about his biggest obstacle. “I’m still really young, but because of the opportunities I’ve had from this community, classes I’ve taken, and certifications I’ve gotten, I really do have a lot of information to offer.”
McGlamery loves what he does. He has always been interested in technology, and it is also his main hobby. McGlamery says he was basically raised in the building. His mother works at Central Office, and his great uncle worked for Heritage Hall, running the soundboard and lighting.
When McGlamery was a child, his great uncle allowed him to help man the tech.
McGlamery later became Lighting Director, graphic designer, webmaster, and Risk Management Director at Heritage Hall Theatre.
McGlamery is currently focusing on safety and risk management and has 15 FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) certifications.
Heritage Hall is geared up for what McGlamery is confident is a great season.
Keep an eye out for
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