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We never outgrow the need for family

By: Bonnie Davis Guy

The Children’s Bureau Adoption slogan for 2015 is “We never outgrow the need for family.” This year, the focus is not only on babies and young children who are in need of adoption but on our country’s older youth population in foster care who also desperately need loving, forever homes. According to last year’s statistics from the Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System, there were 415,000 children and youth in foster care. As of September 30, 2014, 108,000 of those children were ready and waiting to find a new family. Approximately nine percent of those children were between the ages of 15-18. Every year many of these older youth never find a permanent home and age out of the system with no family to support them.  This November the Children’s Bureau is getting the word out about the need for adoption and they are stressing the importance of creating lifelong connections for children. 
Adoption is highlighted every November throughout the month with November 21st being National Adoption Day. On that day elected officials, courthouse employees, and volunteers nationwide put work and politics aside and throw their full support behind fulfilling adoption dreams. Last year, National Adoption Day saw several families from Johnson County stand before Judge Rambo and make the children they had come to love as their own.  “November is now more than just the celebration of Thanksgiving the holiday,” said one adoptive family. “For us, it will forever be a month to be thankful for the blessing of adoption.”
To adoptive families, adoption day is as important as any birthday because it really is the birth of a new forever family. For the families waiting for children and the children waiting for their forever family, it brings great hope and joy to see pictures of that one day they have been dreaming of. That hope inspired the One Day Project by the National Adoption Day Coalition to create a way for those pictures to be shared. Simply go to Instagram and use #onedayproject to share your photo or see others celebrate that very special event.
There are myths and misconceptions that surround fostering and adoption that can deter a family from making the best decision of their lives. Typically, most folks think about the process as a couple hiring a lawyer or adoption agency to help them adopt an infant.

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