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Walkout at Laurel DG

By Meg Dickens
Staff Writer

Patrons received a shock after attempting to visit Johnson County’s newest Dollar General branch, located in Laurel Bloomery, Tennessee, between March 27 and March 28. Several groups confirm the doors were locked for those two days and the only explanation was a handwritten note stating, “We quit. DG sux!” signed the management. There is no confirmation of who posted the actual notice.

Friends of management report “they had enough,” reportedly putting in a lot of time and effort into the facility with little help or pay. One of the managers repeatedly worked for the company for ten years before getting to this point. When public discussion started, locals immediately begin sharing opinions on the company; making statements that included calling it “not employee-friendly.”

“So sad! One of the best DG’s around and the manager and employees work so hard and are so good to the community. Shame on upper management,” a Facebook comment noted.

Many people were amused by the posting but concern won out over amusement where those familiar with the store were concerned. Locals sang the Laurel location’s praises, saying that it was “the nicest one in Johnson County” and that the employees were kind and hardworking.

Reportedly DG corporate sent employees from the Doe Valley store but had difficulty gaining access to the building. The store reopened by Monday, March 29, but locals expressed concern that the facility will go downhill after losing its employees. The Tomahawk reached out to Dollar General for a statement on the story. At the time of this article, Dollar General corporate reports it is looking into the incident.

Dollar General is located at 6600 Hwy 91 N in Laurel Bloomery, Tennessee. For more information on the organization, visit