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Vickers celebrate a lifetime together

The Vickers celebrated 70 years together on September 1, 2021. The couple have known each other for most of their lives and have been together for nearly 80 years. Submitted photo.

By Meg Dickens
Staff Writer

Pat and Rollin “Vic” Vickers celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary on Wednesday, September 1. Although they have been married for 70 years, this couple has known each other for much longer. Pat and Vic grew up in a small town in New York, which Vic compared to Mountain City.

“Our folks knew each other, and we knew each other,” Vic explained. “It was a small town that was a lot like Mountain City. It had two banks and four gas stations.”

Although they knew each other for many years prior, the Vickers did not become a couple until a few years after Vic tried to set Pat up with his college roommate at Cornell University. The couple, both in their 90s, estimates they have been together for approximately 77 years at this point.

The Vickers’ and their children have traveled the world through Vic’s work. He was first a soldier in World War II, then earned a Ph.D. in geology, which he used to study metals with the United States Atomic Energy Commission (AEC). He eventually went on to run his own “penny company,” which rose in Nasdaq stock prices from 25 cents to $35 within ten years.

Pat came from a long line of teachers but found her calling in nursing. She studied at Syracuse University to become a 1950s-era nurse. Later in life, she settled into the role of a homemaker, raising their two children.In their nine decades on this earth, both Vic and Pat have learned and accomplished a lot. Of all their accomplishments, they are most proud of their extensive mission works.

“We’re both Christians, Bible believers,” Vic told The Tomahawk. “I think that we’ve certainly been involved in mission work, for probably 50 years, and given money to missions. That’s what we’re most proud of.”

The Vickers live independently and take care of themselves with the help of their daughter, Daisey. Although they face their share of troubles, the Vickers are as happy and as full of life as they most likely were when they had their first date nearly 80 years ago.