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Two year-old struck by stray bullet

Staff reports

Johnson County Sheriff’s Office confirmed today that two-year-old Ariel Salaices of Laurel Bloomery was struck in the right side of the head by a stray bullet on March 15, while playing outside her home.

According to information currently available at least part of the bullet remains embedded in the child’s head and the little girl is now being treated at the East Tennessee Children’s Hospital in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Johnson County Sheriff Eddie Tester confirmed with tea media outlets morning that JCSH is still investigating the scene, where the bullet came from, and who did the shooting. According to News Channel 11, Christina Salaices had said that she was at work when she got the news from local dispatch.

“911 called me to tell me that I needed to call home, so I did, and they told me they were flying her out to Johnson City…at that time I didn’t know what was going on,” Salaices said.

Salaices soon learned that in fact, a stray bullet hit her daughter, Ariel Salaices, as she was playing on a play set in her own backyard. The bullet that hit the back of Ariel’s head had reportedly ricocheted off of a metal post on the swing and slide set. Ariel was first flown to the Johnson City Medical Center for treatment before transported to Knoxville.

Anyone with information as to who may have been discharging a firearm in the area at that time is asked to please contact the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department.