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Town recognizes Cress for service as recorder for city

By Bonnie Davis Guy
The first item of business addressed by the Mountain City Mayor and Aldermen at the October 2015 City Council Meeting was to present a Proclamation of Recognition of service to the family of former Town of Mountain City Recorder, James “Jimmy” Cress. Alderman Bob Morrison had the honor of presenting the proclamation to the family and expressing his personal appreciation.
Next the council was addressed by parent-volunteer Travis White from Roan Creek Elementary. White was requesting permission to hold a fund-raising road block in Mountain City for Roan Creek. He also provided an agenda for the Roan Creek Fall Festival which is also a fund raiser for the school. White explained that donations at the school were down so these fund raisers were necessary to make up the deficit. He encouraged the mayor and aldermen to come out and participate in the events.
The Consent Calendar, including last month’s minutes and a brief line item list of budgetary amendments, was discussed and approved. These items were quickly and unanimously approved.
Council members were then given the opportunity to express any concerns that had arisen since the last meeting.
Vice Mayor Bud Crosswhite informed the council of a request he had gotten from residents of Rainbow Road and Pardue Road asking for a central trash bin to be set up that would residents to place trash there instead of at the end of their own driveways. This request was discussed at length and it was decided that further information needed to be gathered before any final decision could be made.
Next Alderman Jerry Jordan brought up fundraising road blocks. He stated he had recently been made aware of a new law requiring road blocks in Tennessee be held only at intersections. The Council asked Alderman Jordan to further research the law and present his findings in November. Jordan also informed the Council that he was still receiving numerous complaints about the condition of a doublewide home located on Cedar Street. He asked when and if the city could hold the homeowner accountable to bringing the home up to state code. Mayor Lawrence Keeble was in the courtroom during the suit filed over the home. He stated that it is his understanding that the state fire marshal is in charge of the decision regarding the code standards of this home. The council will make the fire marshal’s contact information available to citizens concerning the matter so that they can talk to that office directly.
Finally, Alderman Jordan stated that in light of all the flooding and other disasters throughout, that he feels blessed to live in Johnson County. He expressed his ongoing appreciation and thanks to all the city employees.
Alderman Kenny Icenhour asked if the cameras in the Ralph Stout Park had been made fully functional. He was informed that phone calls to the contractor hired to install these cameras have been unsuccessful.