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Tornado touches down in Shady Valley, property damage but no injuries reported


By Paula Walter

According to The National Weather Service in Morristown, Tennessee, an EF-0 tornado hit Shady Valley this past Friday, May 12th.  Officials say the path of the tornado was approximately 40 feet wide, stretching out about 250 yards.
Tornadoes are rated on a scale from EF-0 to EF-5. According to the weather service, estimates are the highest wind speed from the tornado this past Friday was 80 miles per hour, falling into the EF-0 category. Despite the size of the tornado, it caused damage to the roofs of two homes, as well as destroying two sheds and a carport.  According to the Johnson County Emergency Management Officer, there were no reported injuries.
Local weather stations and phone alerts gave notice in advance of the possible impending tornado well in advance of the storm so people could take shelter.
The tornado warning came just as schools across the county were preparing to dismiss for the day, but students in Johnson County Schools are well prepared for disasters of all types. According to Dr. Mischelle Simcox, director of schools for Johnson County, the students prepare on a regular basis for different types of emergency situations. “We are required by the fire marshall to have so many drills each month,” Simcox stated. According to Simcox, the students practice drills for evacuations, tornadoes, and lock down procedures. “We are very prepared,” she added.