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Tomahawk wins multiple Tennessee Press awards

The Tennessee Press Association and the University of Tennessee recently announced the results of the 2010 newspaper contest.
The Tomahawk brought home three awards including a first-place ranking for make-up and appearance, second-place in the best feature photograph category and fourth in best education reporting.
“I was particularly proud of the top ranking in make-up and appearance,” said Angie Gambill, editor of The Tomahawk. “The entry included last year’s Fourth of July fireworks front page, and I took a little bit of a chance when doing that layout. I chose to use a black background to showcase the fireworks which was something I had never done on such a large scale. I’m really pleased it worked out so well.”
Gambill’s photo array of Randy McKinney’s spring plow day caught the judge’s eye and captured the second-place award in feature photographs. One of the photos is shown above and others are on page A-8 inside today’s paper.
Assistant editor Jill Penley and freelance writer Paula Walter landed a fourth-place judgement in best education reporting. “Jill always turns out top-notch work in all areas, but her interest and dedication to the Johnson County school system seems to bring out the very best in her writing skills,” said Gambill. “I’m so glad the judges recognized her exceptional talent.”
Paula Walter has been writing consistently for The Tomahawk for slightly over a year now. “She is an excellent writer and we are fortunate to have her on board,” said Gambill. “This has been her first experience in journalism and she has adapted to it amazingly. We’re all proud that she already has a state press award notch on her belt.”