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Tomahawk Valentine couple parted by untimely death

By Lacy Hilliard
Tomahawk Writer/Photographer

Author’s Note: Two years ago, I sought out local couples to take part in a special Valentine’s Day edition of The Tomahawk. One of the three couples I chose to be featured was Savanna and Carl Dobbins. Sadly, Carl Dobbins passed away unexpectedly on May 18, leaving behind his young bride as well as their infant daughter, Lilly. With permission from Savanna, The Tomahawk is rerunning the Dobbins’ story below in honor of the love they so effortlessly exhibited to all those that witnessed their relationship.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013 – Carl and Savanna Dobbins were married just this past October after a little over a year of dating. The natural love that the young couple shares is apparent in their interaction; laugher is a central part of their relationship.
The Dobbins are currently faced with the common challenges of a young marriage, navigating the real estate market and learning to live together in harmony. They know that the strength of their relationship in the future will depend on its foundation and they shared several principles for which they hope to build their marriage upon.
Each Sunday, Carl and Savanna make their way to Mountain City from their home in Elizabethton in order to worship with Savanna’s family at Locust Gap Baptist Church. It was Carl that shared a principle that his pastor, Shannon Courtner, shared with him. He said, “My pastor told me that if you can find someone that loves God more than you do, you’ll be alright.” Carl said that it is his pastor’s philosophy on which he hopes to build his marriage. The couple feels that by sharing a close relationship with God, it will in turn provide a deeper bond within their marriage.