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Time is running out! County Committee nominations due August 1.

Nominations for candidates to run for the Johnson County Farm Service Agency committee election representing producers in Local Administrative Area 2 which includes the communities of Trade, Shouns, Neva and Dry Run will be accepted through August 1, 2018. Producers who are eligible to vote in LAA –2, who participate or cooperate in an FSA program, are of legal voting age and who reside in LAA-2 may be nominated to serve on the county committee. Individuals may nominate themselves or others as candidates. Also, organizations representing socially disadvantaged minorities and women farmers may also nominate candidates.

The county committee system, effective since 1936, affords producers the opportunity to elect representatives who, in turn, administer federal farm programs at the local level; thereby providing producers with a voice in farm program implementation.All farmers are strongly encouraged to participate in the County Committee nomination and election process.

Please visit the Johnson County Farm Service Agency at 119 S Murphey Street or call the office at (423) 727-9744 Information and nomination forms are also available online at: