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Time for Spring Cleaning

Johnson County residents smile for the camera as they gear up for a past annual county clean-up day in and around
local roadways, lakes, and rivers. The upcoming Second Annual Road Cleanup is scheduled for this Saturday, led by Johnson County Mayor Mike Taylor. The event is promising to reap success and the participation of local political candidates.
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County Rallies for Upcoming Second  Annual Road Cleanup on Saturday

By Isaac Stewart

The Second Annual Johnson County Road Pickup is scheduled to be underway on April 9.
Johnson County Mayor Mike Taylor, who has coordinated with several other organizations to plan the day’s schedule, organizes the event.
Mayor Taylor, the Watauga Watershed Alliance, the Litter Chicks, and Johnson County Litter Control Officer Sandy Hammons are all involved in the event.
Many from the community are also involved in the event process.
John Kob, a retired Marine and current Honor Guard member, is passionate about educating children about the adverse effects of litter, both environmentally and personally.
As such, to help raise awareness in his own way, Kob is sponsoring an essay contest for the county’s schools on the theme of litter prevention. Awards will be given to the contest winners from all grade levels. The Watauga Watershed Alliance and Kob himself will underwrite the proceeded winnings.
“If the children can stop their parents from throwing trash out their car windows, we can turn this problem around,” said Kob.
Young and old will be out to clean up Johnson County’s roadways and contribute to the road cleanup. Mayor Taylor has highly encouraged the current commissioners and citizens running for office to participate in the road cleanup. As the saying goes, the more, the merrier.
“The hope is that the event will bring awareness to the issue of folks to stop throwing trash and to bring together the community,” said Taylor, yet again showing the motivation of Johnson County’s leaders and the community to help their home.
Just think about all the looks of disappointment because litter is seen along the road when driven by. There is no shortage of scoffs by passersby at the amount of trash that ruins the scenery. All of the gunk polluting streams, rivers, lakes, and the plastic that harms wildlife and the chemicals that do the same.
To help in other ways, residents are urged to simply pick up some trash while out and about. If many do a little, it amounts to a lot.
Call the Johnson County Litter Control at (423) 291-2261 or the Watauga Watershed Alliance at (423) 534-4804.

To date, these volunteers are acting as coordinators for their stated areas:

Mayor Mike Taylor: Johnson Hollow Road
Scott Mast/Lester Dunn: 2nd District
Perry Stout: Hemlock Street
Bill Adams: Berry Branch Road & M. Phillips Road
Freida Twin: Fall Branch Road
Tammie Fenner: Dillion Road, Old Butler Road & a stretch of Highway 67
Cody Norris: North Church Street
Berna Arnold: Highway 421S, Rhea Road, Antioch Road
Cody Osborne: Neva Area
Eric Garland: Doe School to Butler Car Lot/Dollar Store
Gary Matheson: Winchester Road
Jason Campbell: McElyea Road, Divide Road
Jerry Gentry/Jimmy Lowe: Harbin Hill
Tommy Poor: Campbell Road, Lakeview Drive
Gina Meade: Health Department to Hemlock Street
Litter Chicks/Watauga Watershed Alliance: Big Dry Run