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There’s a new inspector in town


Compton accepts position as Building Inspector for Mountain City.

By Jill Penley

The Town of Mountain City has hired Jesse Compton of Madison, North Carolina, as the city’s new building inspector.  Compton, who served 10 years in the United States Marine Corps, moved to the area in August and is also co-owner at Contingency Weapon’s Care, which specializes in honing protection skills.
“I am excited about this opportunity,” said Compton, who replaced Alan Hammons, the former city building inspector in October.
The building inspector primarily ensures that buildings adhere to the state code of compliance in fire safety, electrical work, plumbing, and other construction standards. Compton becomes the sixth building inspector hired by Mountain City and has up to a year to become certified.
The state requires municipalities to have a building inspector according to Mountain City Mayor Kevin Parsons. “Building codes are put in place for the safety of the public,” Parsons said. “The requirements are mandated by the state and are set in place to meet minimum requirements.”
Mountain City previously adopted the 2009 international building codes as suggested by the state.
Counties within the state have the choice to opt
out and may not require the use of building codes.
Johnson County had previously decided against
making these codes mandatory, but they are required
to vote again on the issue within six months of the seating of the new county commission. The state encourages all counties to adopt the codes.
“I am excited that we have hired a new building inspector,” said Parsons, “especially considering the hard time the city has experienced over the past several years in being able to keep an inspector past the first year.”
Parsons explained that a building inspector can be tentatively hired, but is required to pass a state exam to remain in the position.
“I feel that Jesse will be able to pass those tests as he is already preparing for the first of six that he will have to qualify for to obtain his building inspector license,” he said.