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The Year in Review

Rep. Phil Roe discusses current issues with The Tomahawk.

The Johnson County’s Sheriff’s Department issues a press releasing stating they were searching for a subject who had jumped out of a vehicle and fled on foot in the Holy Hill area of the county.  The subject was later apprehended and charged with feeling arrest by motor vehicle, burglary, theft of a vehicles and resisting arrest.  At the time of the reports, results were still pending and under investigation.
In another incident in the second week of the new year, according to a press release, there had been a shooting on McElyea road that started from a domestic argument. Five people were arrested and multiple charges were filed.
The Johnson County Middle School started the very first robotics team in northeast Tennessee.  The school received a grant to help form the first robotics team.  Students who were interested in joining the team wrote an essay explaining what skills that had that would make them an asset to the team.  Individuals were then selected to join the team.
At the January commissioners meeting, it was decided to honor a 1958 bridge agreement located off Big Dry Run Road. The bridge has been replaced in 2012, but the property had flooded several times and the driveway had to be replaced twice.  According to Perriann Stanley, the agreement was made to move the property line to accommodate the building of a new road.  The bridge was torn down in 2012 and the county installed a small tile at that time that seemed to cause flooding problems.  The commission concluded the county should replace the smaller tile with larger tile to accommodate the flow of the creek.
Congressman Phil Roe met with The Tomahawk to address current issues facing East Tennesseans, including Virginia not acknowledging concealed carry permits from 25 states, including Tennessee.
He raised concerns about reciprocity between the two states, especially in the Bristol area.

For the rest of the year’s top stories, pick up a copy of this week’s Tomahawk.