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The Race is on!

By:  Paula Walter

Assistant Editor

While the election results of this past week’s Super Tuesday will not be certified until March 15th, preliminary data shows 3,330 voters in Johnson County participated in the 2016 Presidential Primary. Of that number, 1,128 took part in absentee and early voting, while 2,202 voted on Election Day. There are 10,999 Johnson County registered to vote. Turnout was 28.73 percent.

In the Republican primary, 46.02 percent of Johnson Countians gave the nod to Donald Trump for a total of 1,306 votes cast. Ted Cruz came in second with 26.07 percent, amounting to 740 ballots. Marco Rubio placed third with 15.93 percent, equating to 452 votes. Ben Carson, who has since withdrawn from the race, received a total of 169 votes, or 5.95 percent. John Kasich received 3.59 percent from Johnson Countians. Local voters were in line with the rest of Tennessee, with Trump placing first, Cruz second, Rubio third, Carson fourth and Kasich last.

Across Tennessee, Hillary Clinton received 66.11 percent of the vote to claim a win over Bernie Sanders who took a total of 120,333 votes. The race in Johnson county for the Democratic ticket was tighter than on the state level, with Clinton receiving 245 votes, or 51.36 percent, followed by Sanders coming in a close second with 233 votes at 46.75 percent of those voting in the Democratic primary.