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Term limit conversation expands

By Meg Dickens
Freelance Writer

In November of 2021, the Johnson County Commission took a stand related to term limits, demanding that state legislatures pass an Article V application for an amendment to limit terms served by United States House and Senate members. When proposed, county commissioners passed the motion unanimously. Now, word of this resolution is making its way back to the U.S. Terms Limit Office and its constituents.
“It is the Constitutional obligation of the state legislatures to control a runaway Congress,” U.S. Term Limits Central Regional Director Aaron Dukette commented on the Johnson County Commission’s resolution. “Federal lawmakers will not propose term limits on themselves. The people of Johnson County have been clear that they want term limits on
Congress, which is why we are delighted to see the Johnson County Commission Board pass this resolution.”
In the months before the commission’s decision, controversy was brewing related to government officials’ decisions both close to home and at a higher scale. This strife triggered locals to openly discuss who should be serving in these positions and if some terms were too long for the public interest. While locals were in this mindset, the Tennessee Chair for U.S. Term Limits and Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs stopped by Mountain City on September 23 as part of his statewide tour promoting term limits.
“I am glad to be speaking with the Johnson County Republican Party and discussing how essential terms limits are for our nation,” Jacobs announced during his visit. “America is more divided than ever before, but there is one thing all Americans agree on: the need for Congressional term limits.”
This resolution has made its way to Nashville, in which House Joint Resolution 8 was filed for its purpose. According to the U.S. Term Limits organization, Resolution 8 passed the house chamber in 2021 and will be going to the state senate when it reconvenes.
Interested parties can view the Johnson County Commission Board resolution online and see the progress towards the cause through the Term Limits website. To sign the U.S. Term Limits petition, visit