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Temporary driver’s license will be issued day of application; permanent ID will be mailed

Tennessee has become the 21st state to implement a centralized issuance system for those who are applying, renewing or replacing their driver’s license or identification cards. Johnson County became one of the latest counties to participate in the new endeavor to curtail individuals from obtaining multiple licenses and tackle the rising problem of identity theft.
Under the changes implemented by the Department of Safety and Homeland Security, those individuals who are renewing a driver’s license or who are receiving their license for the first time, and even applying for an identification card will receive a temporary paper license. It is valid for 20 days. The new licenses and identification cards are thin and flexible and they are laminated with a tamper resistant coating. It also includes a digital picture and signature, a faded ghost image, along their date of birth located in several locations. The information is checked once again before permanent licenses and cards are mailed from a central location area within five to seven business days.
The same rules apply for parents who are applying for identification cards for their children to participate in school-related activities such as cheerleading and Little League. Students will also be given a temporary paper I.D. and their permanent card will be mailed to their home within the dame five to seven day period.