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Stone Mtn. neighbors come to the rescue

The winter of 2010 has been long and eventful.  Snow storm after snow storm has pounded Johnson County and the surrounding areas.  For Kathy and Ben Devine, who reside up on Stone Mountain, this winter is one they will never forget.
Recently, the Devines ventured out into the snowy terrain with their dog, Stony.  A two-year old black lab mix, Stony was named after the mountain upon which his family lives.  Out on a late afternoon walk with his masters, Stony heard a noise off in the distance and took off running.
Soon Stony was out of sight of the Devines.  Calling for their dog for close to 30 minutes, the Devines spotted Stony about 30 feet down the side of the road.  The snow was four to five feet deep in many areas.  Stony was lying in the snow, unable to move.  The snow was far too deep and too wet to allow Stony to get up on his own.
Ben Devine trudged back up to their house, returning with a rope and their four-wheeler.  He made it down the mountain to help his beloved pet, but he, too, struggled as the snow was up to his waist.  Kathy, holding the other end of the rope, tied it around her waist and attempted to pull Ben out of the snow.  That feat was beyond her physical strength and ability. Now both Stony and Ben were stuck in the drifts.
 Luckily, neighbors Ed and Lou Ann Hoak were able to lend their help in rescuing both Ben and Stony out of the deep snow.  After retrieving their truck, a harness and calling 911 for help, Ed Hoak threw the harness down to Ben, instructing him to put the harness around him.  Attaching the rope to the 4-wheeler and truck, Ed, Lou Ann and Kathy worked as a team to attempt to pull Ben up.  This rescue failed.  Ed Hoak, sick with bronchitis, went off the road into the deep snow to give assistance to Ben.  With the help of Kathy, Lou Ann, ropes and two vehicles, Ben was finally pulled up.
This left Stony still stranded.  Ed Hoak was able to get the harness around himself and lift Stony up.  Stony is a large dog, weighing close to 100 pounds. According to Kathy Devine, “Stony was petrified.”  Frightened and exhausted, Stony tried to bite at Hoak to get away.  Luckily, Hoak and Stony were finally pulled up onto the road.
For complete details, please pick up your copy of this weeks, The Tomahawk available at local newsstands today!