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Stelter steps down, WMC to cease operations in June


By Meg Dickens
Freelance Writer

Almost two years ago, Johnson County became the home of a new 501C3 non-profit organization, The Women of Mountain City. This association was founded by local Olivia Stelter and focused on fighting female issues, such as period poverty, but evolved to offer a message of empowerment to everyone within the community. Late last week, Stelter announced she will be stepping down as executive director because of distance and other responsibilities.
This will not be the end of the organization nor the end for Stelter’s involvement. The military wife and mother of two will remain as the board president but felt it was better to pass the torch to someone living more locally, Brandi Humphrey. The organization, though still intact, does have an expiration date. Officials announced that Women of MC will cease operations on June 25, 2022, after the Miles for Smiles event.
“Two years ago, I sat down at my table and decided that it was time to bring my community a chance at being better, demand better, and to expect better,” Stelter explained her vision for creating the organization. “My hope for this community was to show you to be fearless in everything you did, speak up for those who couldn’t speak up for themselves, defend the most vulnerable in the community, and most importantly demand the BEST from leaders. I held myself to the highest level just for you, because I truly do love you. If I impacted one person, I did more than little Olivia could have ever dreamed of.”
The board plans to donate any remaining funds to other outreaches within the community. At this time, officials have not released where these funds will be headed nor the amount left to donate. The news of this closure is still fresh and more details will likely come to light as time moves forward. The reason reportedly revolves around “full-time jobs, families, and mental health” of team members.
“We are sad to say goodbye, but we want to celebrate the impact we’ve made in two years.,” the organization released a statement Saturday evening. “Our programs and outreach have served 1,800 people, and we’ve provided almost $100,000 worth of items and service to Johnson County.”
For more information on the Women of Mountain City and their mission within Johnson County, visit or @womenofmc on Facebook.