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Star LED already aiding local economy

By Jill Penley

Freelance Writer

The Johnson County Industrial Park is buzzing with activity as Star LED, the company specializing in LED lighting products for commercial, residential, marine and automotive applications, is making progress toward renovations and additions to 55,500-square foot facility which will eventually house the company’s manufacturing site, showroom, and office spaces.
Star LED CEO, Charlie Blanco is pleased with the progress of the project and explained all the materials for the project were purchased locally, and the contractors working at the site are also from the area.
“Our organization and brand are primed for growth and market penetration. A facility in Mountain City, Tennessee furthers Star LED’s strategy for expansion in the United States while supporting our strategic partners efficiently,” Blanco said. “Our presence here in Mountain City will enable Star LED to be ever more responsive to our partners’ and clients’ immediate needs by providing superior grade LED lights for any application and unparalleled service throughout our clients’ experience with us.”
LED, or “light emitting diode,” lights use 90 percent less energy than standard light bulbs. Additionally, they last longer, up to 25 times longer than standard light bulbs. They are also more durable and offer better light quality than other types of lighting. Star LED guarantees all its products for five years.
“By having the ability to assemble our product in the U.S., allows us to ensure that product quality is second to none against all of our competitors,” said Star LED Chairman Garry Garoni. “Manufacturing that is re-shored allows for better employment rates and better global economies. People feel patriotic when they support the U.S economy and create jobs for American workers, which is important to Star LED. People also want to know that the product is safe and the quality is superior in the marketplace, which is something we can guarantee and control with our facility.”
The company’s Tennessee distribution center is on track to begin manufacturing later this year.