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Special Person of the year

Johnson County Senior Center Director, Kathy Motsinger is joined by a group of senior residents and members of the Beta Theta Club, while being presented with a special person of the year award last week. Submitted photo.

By Tamas Mondovics

What qualifies someone as an extraordinary person? Well, the Special Person Committee of Beta Theta Club had no problem answering the question last week by choosing Johnson County Senior Center director Kathy Motsinger as a Special Person for the year 2019.
While shedding a few tears, Motsinger humbly enjoyed the spotlight on Friday, June 21 as dozens of seniors cheered her on in agreement of her nomination and subsequent recognition at the senior center.
“Kathy has made a major impact in our community since overseeing the Johnson County Senior Center,” said Sharon Holder with the Beta Theta Club. “She brought in her decorating abilities and right away improved the appearance of the center as well as arranged for more activities and equipment for the seniors to enjoy.”
Holder emphasized that trips have been a favorite part of the center, and dinners and dances have come to life. Of course, without fundraisers and work, such special events would not be possible.
That is where Motsinger’s talent enters the picture.
“Fundraising is constantly on her agenda to raise monies that are needed for prizes and goodies for bingo and fun holiday get-together not to mention equipment and renovations at the center,” Holder said.
Thanks to Motsinger’s skills, zeal, and desire to get the job done, there is no shortage fun and games including crafts, quilting, line dancing, billiards, card playing,
storytelling, music, exercising and food at the senior center.
“We wouldn’t want to forget all the health checks and informative information that is provided for our seniors,” Holder added.
The newest undertaking is My Ride TN; offering transportation to seniors without wheels.
Holder concluded, “Without a doubt, Kathy Motsinger is an extraordinary person.”