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Space major concern as City Council meets

Mountain City Board of Mayor and Aldermen prepare to meet on March 6, 2018. Photo by Marlana Ward

By Marlana Ward

Freelance Writer

Lack of space was brought up multiple times during the monthly meeting of the Mountain City Board of Mayor and Aldermen on March 6, 2018. Only a handful of citizens were on hand as the city government operated and discussed business.
The first concern about limited space within the town
was brought up by Vice Mayor Jerry Jordan who informed
the group that he had been approached by several patrons of the Senior Center about a lack of parking for the facility. Jordan commented that he
had been asked about the
possibility of removing the stone building next to the pool to make more room for parking.
Mayor Parsons and Parks and Recreation Director Flo Bellamy both informed Jordan that the removal of the building would be impractical due to numerous town and county organizations using the structure to store materials. “I understand, but because I was approached, I had to bring it before the board,”
Jordan said.
Bellamy took the opportunity to echo the need for more parking in that area. “When it is court day, I am doing a
day-activity at the center, and while the senior center is
open there is no parking,” she said. “My staff has to park
behind our building on the grass.”
The board recognized the need for parking but could only express that there is no room for expansion of parking in that area.