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Skating rink, farmer’s market and more discussed at May Mountain City council meeting

By Rebecca Herman

Mountain City Council members met for their regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, May 2; all members were present.
The meeting began with city council members approving a Chiari Awareness Walk to take place on September 16, 2017 at Ralph Stout Park. The request was brought to the city council by Tina and Amy Curd. Amy explained that her son has been diagnosed with this condition and that she has found at least eight others in the community who also have Chiari. “We want to bring awareness about this disease,” said Amy. “There may be more people who have it, we just don’t know.”
Alderman Jerry Jordan briefly discussed a small business owner who approached him with a request to promote Mountain City. According to the business owner, Mountain City does not have much of a social media presence and there could be an increase in business if the city were better promoted. Mountain City Mayor Kevin Parsons said that it would be looked at “in the budget meeting to see what we can do.” City Council Alderman Bob Morrison mentioned that there is work being done on a branding for the county and on the Chamber of Commerce website.
City Council Alderman Kenny Icenhour asked if the crosswalk lights had been fixed. He was told that one had been fixed, and the crosswalk light at the Rite Aid intersection still needed work. Icenhour said that he would like the light to be fixed soon, “before someone gets hurt.”
According to Mayor Parsons, the city will be working on ordinances dealing with dilapidated structures and high weeds and grass. “We are going to be aggressive with these ordinances,” said Parsons.
City Recorder Sheila Shaw asked if the city council members wanted to change the date of the July meeting to the 11th, since the regular meeting would fall on July 4th. They agreed to change this date. Shaw also explained that the bridge project at Fairground Lane and Circle Drive has been pushed back to August.
City Council members heard from Robert Genaille and Jana Jones about a location for the farmer’s market. Alderman Icenhour was concerned with the location that was picked out because of its proximity to homes.
“Folks aren’t going to want a building in their backyard,” Icenhour said.
“We have an opportunity to get a building that will be paid for by a grant, so we don’t want to lose this,” Genaille expressed. He also explained that the farmer’s market would only be using the building for three hours a week and only during May through August, so the community would be able to use the building the rest of the time and that the current design would allow for much more picnic space.  Mayor Parsons suggested another location, one that had previously been discussed and suggested that the decision be tabled another month until they can look at a different location.
Next, council members discussed the audit contract with Blackburn, Childers and Steagall for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2017. The firm is willing to negotiate a price that is $6,800 cheaper. City council members approved.
The Goose Creek Trail engineer informed the council that he would not ask for additional money if the council approved a time extension. The council agreed to approve this request.
Mayor Parsons explained that the lease on the proposed skating rink had been obtained and is being finalized. City Attorney Steve McQueen told council members that he had a copy of the lease for them to review. Work on grants for the skating rink is also moving forward.
The council also discussed the need for a building inspector. They decided to look within the Public Works Department to begin with; if no one was interested in becoming a building inspector, then they would advertise to find one.
The next meeting will be June 6 at 6:30 pm.