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Sidewalk project causing traffic woes 

Traffic backs up due to construction on South Main Street towards State Highway 67 near the Johnson County Health Department. The project is slated for completion before Christmas. Photo by Tamas Mondovics

By Jill Penley
Freelance Writer

It doesn’t take very long for vehicle congestion, particularly at the beginning of the school and workday, and the issue is compounded in the midst of a construction project, which is forcing one-lane of traffic.
Work crews began setting up barriers and temporary signage on South Main Street towards State Highway 67 near the Johnson County Health Department a few weeks back.
The project is now leaving adjacent homeowners and all those who commute
into town from Doe Valley and Butler, wondering what was being constructed
and, perhaps more importantly when it would be completed.
According to Mountain City Mayor Kevin Parsons, the project allowed for 150 days, but considering the unseasonably nice weather, which has kept delays at bay, hopes are that it can be completed ahead of schedule and possibly before Christmas.
“As I understand it,” said Parsons, “the road will be opened back to two lanes when they get the retaining wall built.”
Parsons added that this phase of the project should be completed well before the project completion date.
“When everything is done, there should be a nice retaining wall and new sidewalks on both sides of the busy street,” he said.
Mountain City residents are encouraged to attend the city council meetings held the first Tuesday of each month to stay up to date on current and future projects as well as to share their thoughts and questions with the Mayor and Aldermen.
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