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Sheriff’s office gets $81K to boost K9 unit

Isaac Stewart

At the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department, a press conference was held on March 28, where it was announced the Tennessee Sheriffs’ Association received an astonishing donation of eighty-one thousand dollars. The donor wished to remain anonymous but said they “wanted to make a difference to the sheriff community” and that the money would go to sponsoring a canine unit for Tennessee’s police force.
After deliberation by the Tennessee Sheriffs’ Association, Johnson County was elected to receive the sponsorship. At the press conference, Executive Director of the Tennessee Sheriffs’ Association Jeff Bledsoe handed off the check of donated money to Johnson County’s Sheriff Edward Tester.
Both men emphasized the importance of the donation and its donor.
“It’s astounding,” said Sheriff Tester.
“A momentous occasion,” said Director Bledsoe.
Along with the canine unit itself, the donation covers the entire training process, which will involve lodging for training, a kennel, and a vehicle containment box for the dog once training is complete.
The dog itself is a Malawi, its full name being a Belgian Malinois, according to Their muscular, solid build makes them strong and agile, all attributes making an excellent police dog. The website also informs that the breed is highly intelligent and fiercely loyal and is often found working as police, security, or search and rescue dogs.
Tester and Bledsoe also emphasized the tracking advantage that comes with having an extra canine unit. “The tracking nose of the dog allows it to perform its job, the majority of which will be to patrol with officers and search for drugs,” Tester said.
Johnson County currently has one canine unit whose dog’s name is Hugo. He has proudly served for three years and has worked with the Johnson County police force for the past two years.
The new canine unit will undoubtedly be a fine addition to the Johnson County police force and will be immediately ready for duty upon arrival.