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Shady Valley Fire Department participates in Vehicle Extrication Class

By Tamas Mondovics

The Shady Valley Fire Department spent the first weekend of May training to rescue individuals after a vehicle accident. The Vehicle Extrication class was organized by the Tennessee Fire and Codes Enforcement Academy requiring each student to complete 24 hours of training.
According to officials the vehicle extrication training, which was all done at theShady Valley fire station 10114 Hwy 421 North, can be one of the most complex and challenging responses that
firefighters face due to the increased technology in newer vehicles.

“Firefighters were trained on techniques to safely remove someone that is trapped in a vehicle using tools as simple as a hand wrench and hacksaw to advanced equipment such as hydraulic rescue tools including the Jaws of Life,” said Fire Chief Charles McQueen, with the Shady Valley Volunteer Fire Department.

McQueen added that Shady Valley had 12 firefighters complete the training along with four firefighters from Warriors Path Fire Department in Kingsport.

“On behalf of the fire department we would like to thank the State Fire Instructor’s Kenneth McQueen (Shady Valley Fire) and Ben Wexler (Warriors Path Fire) for presenting a great training program,” the Chief said.

Cornett’s Used Cars of Shady Valley provided the vehicles to use for the training.
“We extend a special thank you to our community forcontinued support and donations that allow us to provide the services that we do,”
McQueen said.