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Senior Center celebrates National Coloring Day

Staff and volunteers at the Johnson County Senior Center wear Crayola colored t-shirts while celebrating National Coloring day. The festivities included the providing of coloring supplies to all of its members to keep them active during the current pandemic.Submitted photo.

By Tamas Mondovics

To celebrate National Coloring Day, the Johnson County Senior Center provided coloring supplies to all our senior members.

“Everyone received crayons and a coloring page, crossword puzzles or magazines,” said Center Director Kathy Motsinger. “If their coloring page is completed and returned, prizes will be offered this week.”

Motsinger mentioned that research into the effects of coloring activities for senior adults show positive outcomes, most notably a decrease in agitation and anxiety.Experts say that the therapeutic value of coloring comes in part from a participant’s need to concentrate and in doing so they may ‘forget’ their troubles whilst in the midst of a coloring activity. Relaxation and meditative moods often follow.

Coloring activities are known to improve mood, relieve stress, reduce agitation, promotes socialization and reminiscing, provides an outlet for self-expression, help to maintain motor function, improve dexterity (grip control), hand-eye coordination, encourage cooperation, promotes mindfulness (full attention & concentration required) and provide a sense of accomplishment to name a few. Research into the effects of coloring activities for people living with dementia also show positive outcomes, most notably a decrease in agitation and anxiety.

The Johnson County senior Center located at 128 College St, Mountain City, TN, is proud of serving the community and keeping its members active during the ongoing pandemic. For more information please visit the Senior Center’s Facebook page.