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Sen. Bob Corker visits Johnson County

Sen. Corker speaks with Flo Bellamy and other constituents in Johnson County during his visit last week.
Sen. Corker speaks with Flo Bellamy and other constituents in Johnson County during his visit last week.

By Marlana Ward

Every year, the United States Congress takes a recess for the month of August.  This time is meant to allow representatives a chance to spend time with family and return to their home states for meetings with constituents.  On Wednesday, August 3rd, Senator Bob Corker traveled to Mountain City as part of his 31-county tour through Tennessee.
Senator Corker addressed those gathered in the Johnson County Health Department conference room about the three issues he found most pressing in America today.  The first topic he discussed was the upcoming presidential election.  While not coming out in complete support for either candidate, Corker expressed his hope that the campaigns for both candidates would turn their focus to the issues rather than personal attacks toward one another.  “I hope both candidates lay out more specifics about how to get the economy growing,” stated Corker.  “We have had seven to eight years of tepid growth.”
The next topic Corker discussed was the federal deficit.  He explained that he saw the country’s inability to deal with the federal financial deficit as the biggest threat to our country.  Corker spoke of how a recent poll reported that only six percent of Americans care about the deficit in the current political climate.  He also stated that if asked, most in the military would agree that the deficit is the most pressing issue.  “I have asked my friends in the media to ask the candidates about the deficit but no one is,” Corker added.
The third issue Corker brought before the group was that of personal security.  He spoke of the current civil unrest and the need to show support for local law enforcement.  He went on to say how the entire world is watching this presidential race to see how it will turn out and what effect the process is having on the country.  He also addressed the countries strained foreign relations.  “A world without U.S. leadership is a world that U.S. citizens would not like over time,” said Corker. “For us to be able to ship Tennessee goods around the world is important.”
It was then that Senator Corker opened the floor for questions from the audience.  The first question asked dealt with presidential candidate Donald Trump’s ability to “beat himself” to win this election.  Corker shared that on a recent visit with Trump, he encouraged him to focus more on policies throughout his campaign.  “Seventy percent of Americans want change and hopefully both candidates will focus on policies,” Corker answered.
Next, it was asked what could be done to discourage corporations from sending manufacturing jobs overseas.  Corker answered that most companies were leaving America to locate their plants closer to their customers.  “If you make a bulky product, you put factories where customers are,” said Corker.  He went on to discuss the need to lower federal regulations that limit companies’ ability to produce goods in the U.S. and the need to adjust the tax system on monies brought back into the country as profits.  “We are double taxing the money they want to bring back,” he stated.  “We should not be taxing them for bringing money back.”  Corker went on to say that there is over $8.2 trillion being held in other countries because of the penalties if the monies were brought back in to the United States.
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