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Scotty Campbell will not seek a second term in House

State Representative Scotty Campbell (R-Mountain City) issued the following statement today with regard to his reelection campaign:
“After an extraordinary amount of thinking and reflection, I am announcing today that I will not be a candidate for reelection to the Tennessee House of Representatives.
“Through the support of many people in our region we have laid out a firm foundation for a 2012 campaign. However, given my long term personal goals and the need to further my education, I have concluded that I am not able to commit myself to an additional term in the House. I have always said that I had no desire to be a career politician. My journey of service in the legislature dates back over five years when I first began through an internship, staff positions, and ultimately as a member of the House of Representatives. During this time I have served under two Speakers of the Senate and three Speakers of the House. As I go on to complete this term, I look forward to continuing my efforts for the people of East Tennessee.
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