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School board votes for new security measures

October 17,2018

Mischelle Simcox, superintendent, and Cheri Long, Principal, stand with the Roan Creek elementary student leaders, Emma Eller, Catie McFadden, Amelia Stout, Gabbi Crowder, Vada Clifton, Hazel Luttrell, Bailey Martin, as they receive their awards. Photo By Megan Hollaway

By Megan Hollaway
Freelance Writer

The Johnson County School Board began this month’s meeting by honoring eight students, one from each grade at Roan Creek Elementary. The students nominated and voted to be the student leaders of each grade included, Bailey Martin, Hazel Luttrell, Vada Clifton, Gabbi Crowder, Amelia Stout, Catie McFadden, Logan Davis, and Emma Eller were.

Cheri Long, the Principal of Roan Creek Elementary, said, “We couldn’t have student leaders without good parents and good teachers. I would like to recognize both as we recognize these student leaders.”

Another school to be recognized is Laurel Elementary, for being named the reward school for Johnson County this year.The School Board also voted to install a new, special kind of security system. Raptor Technologies will be installed in every school throughout the county, within twelve to 14 weeks.According to school officials the security system will scan the ID of every individual to enter the schools, and ensure they are not on the sex offenders list.

“If a person on the sex offenders list were to enter a school, the principal and the school board superintendent would be immediately notified,” Johnson County Schools Director Mischelle Simcox.

Another use for the raptor technologies is an app designed for teachers to ensure the safety of their students during a lockdown. After being put into lockdown, the teacher would either check that yes, each student is in their classroom, or no, that one or two students were out of their room when the lockdown occurred.

“This allows for, if a teacher pulls a student out of the hall and into their classroom, there is a platform for teachers and administration at the school to know which students are accounted for,” Simcox said.

A few new items in the budget, such as the RN salary in the budget, to make a distinction from the LPN salary were also discussed. The supplies and materials allocations have been made to each school for the inter-and-extra-circular

The upcoming election may mean more money for county schools as the half-cent increase in sales tax in the county would bring in approximately two hundred and fifty thousand dollars in sales revenue for the schools.
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