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Sarah Campbell receives outstanding program award for Senior Life Solutions

By: Michael Ganzman
Freelance Writer

Last week, Mountain States Health Alliance presented Sarah Campbell of the Johnson County Medical Center with an award for program of the year for her service at the facility.
Campbell works in psychiatry as part of Johnson County’s branch of the Seniors Life Solutions program.
Unbeknownst to Campbell, she was chosen for the award nearly a month ago. Award presenters contacted Campbell’s friends and family in order to help set up a surprise party where she would be presented with the award.
“We’ve known this for a while,” said Dwayne Taylor, CEO of Mountain States Health Alliance. “So we did a really good job keeping it secret.”
Campbell was speechless but her coworkers had many words of praise for their shared associate.
“We know you do a great job taking care of your patients,” Chastity Trivette, Director of Radiology for Mountain States Health Alliance, told Campbell. “We know your patients love you just as much as we do.”
Alex Gayle, Regional Director for the parent company of Senior Life Solutions, drove all the way from Nashville to present the award and was also vocal in his praise of Campbell.
“She’s caring and passionate about her patients,” he said. “She’s really just a genuine person.”
Senior Life Solutions is a program that helps patients above 65 years of age adjust to physical and psychological changes that can occur with aging.
The program provides assistance in the form of psychiatric evaluation, group or personal therapy, dietary consults, medication educational group, psychiatric medication management, discharge planning, spiritual considerations and other services.
Johnson County’s branch of the program was initially commissioned by a committee at Mountain States Health Alliance about three and half years ago. Campbell became the resident psychotherapist for the program and also helped spread information about it across the region.
The Johnson County Community Hospital section of Senior Life Solutions only has two regular members, including Campbell and Joyce Tugman, who serves as the program’s head nurse.
Davis says that the program had humble beginnings, with little financial support given to outreach efforts.
“When we first started, it was really slow,” said Tugman. “It was all word-of-mouth…we set up at grocery stores…with our brochures and a table and people would come by and we would just talk to them about what we offered.”

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