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Rules changing for GED test

In today’s tight economy, competition for jobs is fierce and to increase the chances of making an employer’s short list of candidates, jobseekers must not only possess the necessary experience and skills to perform the job for which they are applying, they must also meet the educational requirements, and that includes a high school diploma or a General Educational Development (GED) Diploma at the very least.
The GED test, which is administered under the American Council on Education (ACE), is only given at designated test centers throughout the United States and only at designated times.
To successfully complete the process a battery of five tests encompassing reading, writing, science, social studies and math, must be passed and changes are reportedly coming in 2012.
Currently If one takes the GED test and does not pass the first time, they are permitted to retake the portion not passed. One can take the GED test three times within a year. The test changes approximately every 10 years and when the test changes to a new form, all testers that have not been awarded their GED will be required to start at the beginning.
“If you’ve taken and passed your GED, the new GED won’t affect you,” said Jewell Hamm, Adult Education Supervisor for Johnson County, “however, if you have taken the test from 2000 to 2010 you need to complete the test now.”
Once the new GED is released in January 2012, the old test scores can’t be combined with scores from the new test in other subjects. Test centers will not be able to utilize the old tests once the new tests are released. “If you have made progress toward a GED,” said Hamm, “now is the time to make a push to pass before the new tests come out.”
“There are several individuals in the county who only lack 20 or 30 points to pass,” cautioned Hamm. “I certainly hope those individuals will contact the office and get registered to retest.” The test is only given on certain days of the month so it is imperative to get registered as soon as possible.
For more information or to schedule a retest, call Jewell Hamm at 727-2654 or drop by the Adult Education office at 211 North Church Street, Mountain City.