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Roe running for re-election

Dr. Phil Roe announced his re-election bid to the U.S. House of Representatives at 11:30 Monday morning to a large group of supporters at City Hall in Johnson City. Two years ago, Roe launched his bid for Congress from the same location.
The ceremony was emceed by Linda Buckles of Sullivan County, and opened with The Pledge of Allegiance led by Sara Sellers of Carter County. Two significant endorsements were announced by Sheriff Kent Harris of Unicoi County; the National Rifle Association (NRA) and the Tennessee Right To Life. Sheriff Harris read prepared endorsement statements from each organization expressing their affirmation of Phil Roe for his 100 percent voting record with both groups.
“As a member of the Congressional Pro-Life Caucus, I am certainly pleased with the Tennessee Right To Life endorsement,” Roe stated. “As a strong voice for the Pro-Life cause, I will continue to represent east Tennessee values,” he continued. “As an advocate for the Second Amendment, I am also honored by the NRA endorsement.”
Roe presented a first term “Progress Report,” highlighting the issue she has worked on during his first year. “Supporting the rights of patients and opposing government takeover of healthcare is a top priority,” Rose said. “I have proposed common-sense healthcare reforms to increase quality of care and lower costs.” He gave specific examples such as: allowing individuals to purchase insurance across state lines, and allowing small businesses to band together to purchase insurance. Dr Roe served as leading member of the GOP Doctors’ Caucus during his first term.
The “Progress Report” also focused on creating jobs. Roe introduced the Economic Stimulus for Rural Communities Act, which created a tax credit for rural employers when they hire a worker from a rural community. Roe also outlined his co-sponsorship of the Economic Recovery and Middle Class Tax Relief Act. Roe emphasized his opposition to “job-killing policies” proposed by Washington, DC Democrats, such as the carbon tax and applying carbon emission limits to farmers.
Roe promoted fiscal responsibility by co-sponsoring the Balanced Budget Amendment and by opposing the wasteful stimulus bill, which spent over $700 billion without reducing unemployment. Rose also co-sponsored legislation to permanently repeal the death tax.
A veteran himself, Phil Roe secured a position to the House Veterans Affairs Committee, and is the Ranking Republican on the Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee. He supported legislation to strengthen the VA’s program to reduce the number of homeless veterans. He also supported legislation to end the penalty of deducting veterans’ disability payments from their retirement benefits. “I’m going to hold Congress’ feet to the fire to make sure the promises made to our veterans are kept,” Roe stated.
“I co-sponsored and voted for legislation blocking the Congressional pay increase for 2010,” Roe exclaimed. “It is particularly insulting to people during these serious times to even consider a pay raise for members of Congress,” he continued, noting the unemployment statistics of the First District.
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