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Retiring school employees honored at board meeting

By Lacy Hilliard
The June meeting of the Johnson County School Board took place on Thursday, June 13. The first item on the agenda was recognition of all retiring school employees. Many of the newly named retirees were in attendance and were honored with a plaque.
The retirees named at the June meeting were as follows; Gail Aycock- 36 years of service teaching Special Education, Pre-K, as well as working as a speech and hearing therapist, Steve Billings- 15 years of service as a Materials Clerk for the school system and an Instructional Assistant at Laurel Elementary, Debbie Brand- 32 years of service teaching fifth, seventh, and eighth grades, Coralee Campbell- 10 years of service as a custodian at Roan Creek Elementary, Hilda Crowder- 11 years of service as a fifth and sixth grade teacher at Shouns and Roan Creek Elementary Schools, Pat Dobbins- 37 years of service as a first, second, and third grade teacher as well as an Elementary Reading Specialist, Robyn Grayson- 36 years of service as a second and third grade teacher at Mountain City Elementary School, Carol Horne- 20 years of service as a substitute and later a Head Start teacher, Ginger Johnson- 32 years of service total and 25 years as a third and fourth grade teacher at Mountain City Elementary, Ray Mast- 7 years of service as a custodian at Roan Creek Elementary, Gay Miller- 33 years of service as a Kindergarten and Special Education teacher, Jimmie Ann Osborne- 24 years of service as a Special Education and middle school teacher, RoseEdda Slemp- 20 years of service with experience in a wide array of specialties such as Instructional Assistant, Family Resource Specialist, Special Education Assistant, and Social Worker, Rita Storie- 44 years of service as a fifth grade, sixth grade, and high school teacher, and Carol Stout- 38 years of service as a first grade teacher at Mountain City Elementary. Student School Board Representative Jacob McGlamery was also recognized at the meeting. McGlamery graduated this past May and will be passing his position as Student Representative on to Blake Robinson for the 2013-2014 school year. McGlamery gave his final report to the board at the June meeting, stating that he has enjoyed his time as a board member and that he hopes the board will remember him after he graduates from Milligan College with a degree in English.
Following the recognition of retiring employees, the board moved to approve the consent agenda. No audience participation forms had been submitted for the June meeting and no visitors were in attendance. The final reading of the Tennessee School Board Association’s (TSBA) changes to board policy was waived because the changes are final and therefore no longer up for discussion. Director of Schools Morris Woodring added that the TSBA board policy changes would be reviewed more deeply at the upcoming board member workshop. Board approval was given to several items on the June agenda including the professional services agreement, a grant contract between the State of Tennessee, the Department of Human Services, and Carter and Johnson County Schools; authorization was also given to the Director of Schools and Chairman of the Board to approve end-of-year cleanup assignments. Also gaining board approval at the June meeting was the JCHS Volleyball teams camp which is set to take place July 19-20 as well as July 24-25.
After the board assured that no further items were in need of board attention, the meeting was adjourned.