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Residents, businesses report bold thefts of outdoor items

By Lacy Hilliard
A barber shop without its signature striped barber pole may well not be considered a barber shop at all. The owners of Newman’s Barber Shop located on South Church Street in Mountain City know the importance of this traditional adornment and the customary red, white, and blue stripes could be seen in the corner of their front entrance –that is until the weekend of July 2l.
When Newman’s Barber Shop arrived at opening time on Monday morning, there were no swirling stripes to greet them. The vintage Marvy #55 barber pole (estimated value $595) was noticeably missing from its proud home and upon further inspection, it was noted that the wire providing power to the pole was cut and the pole itself completely unbolted from the wall. Immediately following this discovery, the incident was reported to police. A report was filed but the police told Newman’s that there was little hope in finding the stolen property.
Mountain City resident Kathy Terrill knows the plight of Newman’s Barber Shop all too well. Terrill maintains a residence on Shoun Street and recently had to contend with the theft of her grandson’s bicycle –a Christmas present from his grandparents. The bike was stolen directly from Terrill’s front porch and upon discovery was immediately reported to police. Officers informed Terrill that though they will stay on the lookout for the stolen property, much like the Newman’s Barber Shop theft, there wasn’t much hope without the serial number of the bicycle. Terrill has maintained her Mountain City home for over 18 years and has never had a theft until this incident; she did however, have a previous encounter with a late night prowler. Terrill’s son noticed late one evening from a window inside the residence that someone had taken an interest in the outbuilding located behind the house. He quickly informed his mother of the situation and while she called police, her son took off in pursuit of the prowler. As the offender took cover in the darkness, the unknown suspect yelled threats of bodily harm to Terrill’s son should he choose to continue the pursuit. The prowler was never caught and it is unknown whether or not the bicycle theft and the prowling incident are related.
A county resident reported to The Tomahawk that he had in excess of 50 landscaping lights stolen from his yard during the night recently.
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