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Representative Hill promotes SB-399 during JCB meeting

State Representative Timothy Hill stops by Johnson County Bank to attend an employee meeting and discuss his related duties. Submitted photo.

By Meg Dickens

Tennessee State Representative Timothy Hill came to Johnson County on Tuesday, January 7, after receiving an invite from officials at Johnson County Bank. Representative Hill attended their employee meeting, talked to employees about his duties, and shared some updates on related legislature. Representative Hill is the Chairman of the Commerce Committee as well as a member of the Business Subcommittee, Utilities Subcommittee, and Banking and Investments Subcommittee.

Representative Hill focused mainly on the Homestead Exemption, Senate Bill 399. This piece of legislation protects homeowners from foreclosure and creditors. Tennessee currently has a maximum of $5,000 for one debtor and $7,500 for two debtors in this type of protection, but legislators are planning to raise the amount. The Fiscal Review Committee is required to suggest increases every three years per the bill. Exact numbers are still in question, but Representative Hill estimates $25,000.

According to the Tennessee General Assembly, the Homestead Exemption “increases the homestead exemption relative to garnishments; creates homestead exemption for agricultural land; Amends TCA Title 26 and Title 30.”

During the interview, Representative Hill made a point to say how grateful he is to the people in Johnson County. He is a prominent supporter of Johnson County. Representative Hill stays involved in the county robotics teams, takes every opportunity to teach people about government, and shows up to events or meetings when invited. He made another visit to Johnson County on Sunday, January 12, to join United States Senator Marsha Blackburn’s visit to the town.

“Johnson County is always so good to me. I work to return the favor,” said Representative Hill. “I appreciate the opportunity to serve them. Anyone is welcome to call me.”

Representative Hill is still working on his overall legislative agenda. This information and the town hall visit dates will be available within the next few weeks. Representative Hill also reported a project he will announce around that time. For more information on House and Senate bills, visit