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Rep. Mae Beavers announces bid for governor

Republican Mae Beavers recently announced her bid for governor of the State of Tennessee on June 3rd. Governor Bill Haslam is restricted from running again due to term limits. Beavers served as a Wilson County Commissioner from 1990 until 1994. She was then elected to the legislative house from 1994 for eight years before she ran for senator. She was elected in 2002 and has been in the Tennessee senate ever since.
Beavers recently sat down with The Tomahawk on her visit last week to Johnson County and shared some of her platform she is running on. According to Beavers, she would like to see the repeal of the gas tax. “We did not need a new tax,” she stated. According to Beavers, she believes in less regulation and less taxes for businesses. She is concerned about education in the state and voted against race to the top. She is pro-life and has been the sponsor of second amendment bills.
With regard to healthcare, Beavers would like to see people be able to go across state lines to purchase health insurance as it would create more competition. She was a sponsor of the bathroom bill that would have required students in public schools in Tennessee to use the bathroom that matched the sex of the student on their birth certificate.
Beavers also introduced a resolution to declare pornography a public health crisis, which passed the Senate. “I have children and grandchildren,” she said. I’m very worried about their future. We are losing all of our values we grew up with.”
According to Beaver, she would like to strengthen homeland security in Tennessee, as well as see more technical development schools and training in the state. It has been previously reported that both homeland security and safety would be at the top of her priorities.
Some of her platform issues include: leading the effort that killed the state income tax, repealing the gas tax, is 100 percent pro life, is pro second amendment, continues to fight to for children, families and communities by opposing illegal immigration and terrorism. According to Beavers, she passed a law protecting the privacy of the people of Tennessee by requiring a warrant before your cell phone can be searched. She also supports more technical training in schools. Her stance on jobs involve removing certain regulations on businesses.
“This next year is an important election as far as a governor. Everyone is claiming to be conservative,” Beaver stated. “I can set myself apart as a bold conservative leaders with a proven track record. I’ll challenge people to look at your record. I can back up what I’m saying, my stance on the issue. I have a record of being outspoken and that’s what earned me the name of “Iron Lady.” If you want bold, conservative leadership, you need to vote for me.”
At this time, the candidates in the race for Tennessee’s governor are Republican Mae Beavers, Republican Randy Boyd, Democrat Carl Dean, and Republican Bill Lee. Those that were previously considering a run and are out of the race include Andy Berke, Marsha Blackburn, Joe Carr, Bob Corker, Bill Freeman, Mark Green, Bill Hagerty, Tre Hargett, Scottie Nell Hughes, and Andy Ogles. Those who remain undecided at this time are Diane Black, Craig Fitzhugh, Beth Harwell, and Mark Norris