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Rep. Campbell to serve on the Finance, Ways and Means Committee


Rep. Scotty Campbell has been appointed to serve on the Finance, Ways and Means Committee and the Appropriations Subcommittee. These committees are responsible for measures relating to taxes, state government spending, and alterations to revenue. Speaker of the Tennessee House of Representatives Cameron Sexton made the announcement of his appointment live during proceedings in the House Chamber.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve on the House Finance, Ways and Means Committee and the Appropriations Subcommittee. Taxpayers here at home want taxes to remain as low as possible… they also expect fiscal accountability and transparency. This will allow us a seat at the table,” said Rep. Scotty Campbell.

Campbell was appointed to the Transportation Committee, which is responsible for highways, roads and bridges; railroads; air, bus and vehicular transportation; rules and regulations for highway, railroad, and air use.

Campbell stated, “With the many road improvements needed here this gives us a stronger voice to get things done.” Campbell cited a need for road improvements in Johnson, Carter, and Sullivan Counties when discussing the appointment. “There are many repairs needed and resurfacing of several state highways… we need to be on the priority list here in Northeast Tennessee. This will further increase my communication with the Tennessee Department of Transportation and hopefully provide results.”

Additionally, Speaker Sexton appointed Representative Campbell to the Criminal Justice Committee which is responsible for the creation and/or removal of criminal laws in our state. “There are a number of proposals coming forward that need to be carefully reviewed. With the happenings in our state and that we have seen across our nation law and order are absolutely required,” said. Rep. Campbell

Campbell was sworn is as a member of the 112th General Assembly on Tuesday, 1/12/2021 at the Tennessee State Capitol in Nashville, Tennessee. Campbell was previously a member of the House until 2012 when he did not seek re-election. Campbell is known for having hosted a successful talk radio show in the Tri-Cities.

Campbell is the Majority Assistant Floor Leader of the Tennessee House of Representatives. The duties of the Assistant Floor Leader are to assist the Republican Floor Leader, serve as co-chair of the Candidate Recruitment and Development Committee, and take part in leadership discussions and to relay all important information from leadership back to freshmen members of the Republican Caucus.