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RCE’s Bully Buster Club sponsors ‘The Great Kindness Challenge’

By Rebecca Herman
At the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year, Principal Mary Robinson of Roan Creek Elementary was researching different curriculums that would incorporate the character trait of kindness into the daily classroom. She found “The Great Kindness Challenge School Edition” and with the help of Mary Lipford, school counselor, and the Bully Buster Club, Roan Creek Elementary has been celebrating and demonstrating kindness throughout the school since August. During the week of January 26, the school will be participating in a weeklong campaign that will encourage school wide acts of kindness.
In 2011, Kids for Peace created a program that would help to form a respectful, positive environment for three participating schools in Carlsbad, California. Since then the program has grown and in 2013 had 1,099 schools participating across the United States; this year will be the first year that a school in Tennessee will be participating in The Great Kindness Challenge. The event will help create a “culture of kindness on campus and encourages kids to complete many acts of kindness within the week,” said Lipford.
There are many great activities being planned for “The Great Kindness Challenge” week: motivational quotes will be read by a different student each day, students will be encouraged to wear shirts with positive messages, and Principal Robinson and Lipford are working on some fun activities for the 50’s themed day on Friday. Teachers are also encouraged to add lessons dealing with the subject of kindness into his or her lessons for the week. All students will be given a checklist with 50 kindness activities. Lipford is hoping for 100% participation with the checklist from kindergarten to sixth graders and even teachers and staff. Some of the items on the checklist are: smile at 25 people, help your teacher with a needed task, and help a younger student.
For more information, pick up a copy of this week's Tomahawk.